How to Find a House with Acreage

Posted By Ryan Nielsen @ Dec 8th 2016 9:32am In: Buying a Home

Finding the right home can be a grueling task, but finding the right home that comes with a good amount of acreage is even harder. However, we have a few tips to follow when it comes to finding your dream house with that lovely extensive land attached. 

Consider Moving to the Country 

It may go without saying, but if you're looking for a home that packs a lot of punch in the land department, you want to avoid built-up or busy towns and cities. Moving away from the hustle and bustle not only means that you may be able to purchase a large country house for less money than a city apartment, but it's guaranteed to come with more land than a boxed-in terrace overlooking the main street. 

However, a move to the country shouldn't be taken lightly, even if it does have the acreage you're looking for. There are a number of things you must consider such as local amenities. Do you have kids? Can you commute to work? Are there shops nearby? These are only some of the questions you must ask before taking the plunge and moving to the country. 

Consider Buying Just Land 

If you already have a home, consider checking out plots of land in desirable locations. You may not have the means to build on it just now, but buying land is a great investment for the future. By buying just the land itself, you can get a great deal on a space that offers excellent acreage. 

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