Seller's Market: What That Means and Why It Matters

Fri, Feb 19th 2016 2:24 pm by Ryan Nielsen General

house on the marketWhen it comes to buying or selling a home, realtors and experts alike tend to label the market. Depending on how the year is going, where young families are wanting to move to, and what the economic structure is like where you live, this can either be a "seller's market" or a "buyer's market." In this month's blog post, we here at Cindy Petty Realty thought we'd discuss those terms, starting with "seller's market." 

What Does "Seller's Market" Mean?

This specifically means that the benefit is in the seller's hands, not the buyer's. Essentially, homes are wanted in all areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. That means that the sellers have the advantage in that they have what the buye...

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