Now, What is a Buyer's Market?

Posted By Ryan Nielsen @ Apr 4th 2016 12:54am In: General

Since we have covered the basics of what a seller's market is in previous blog posts, you might now be wondering what a "buyer's market" is. This particular post is dedicated to explaining just that. That's because Cindy Petty Realty focuses on the customer knowing what's in store. If you're informed, we feel we've done our best work as your realtor. 

Defining a Buyer's Market

As you could guess from reading the seller's market post, a buyer's market is completely different. Instead of the situational advantage being in the seller's hands, it is now in the buyer's. This means there are a lot of properties within the area to choose from. It also means buyers don't have to immediately jump on a deal. They can instead use this market to their advantage, even possibly getting a reduced price from the seller. 

Which is Better For You?

Well, it really depends on which player you are in the market. Are you the seller in a buyer's market? That can mean your home selling process, though eventually successful with the right realtor, might take longer than you would like. If you're a buyer in a seller's market, that means you've got to act fast. Acting fast can feel rushed and unsettling. 

Whatever side of the market you're on, whether you're a buyer or a seller, the Cindy Petty Realty team is ready to go to bat for you. We have experience in both real estate climates, meaning we know how to get what's best for the person we're working with and for. Don't trust your home purchasing or selling experience to anyone else. Contact us at (469) 360-9917 for the top-notch treatment you deserve.

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