Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home

Posted By Ryan Nielsen @ Jun 20th 2016 12:16pm In: General

In buying a home, there are some key things you need to consider first. In short, there are definitely some top questions you need to ask yourself before buying your future home. Let's discuss those questions and figure out how to get those answers. We here at Cindy Petty Realty understand the value in knowing all your options before making that home investment; hence, we're blogging about it!

Questions About Your Family

First, we suggest you start to ask questions about your family and their needs. Some common question include:

  • Does the school district matter?
  • How big of a community does your family want to live in?
  • Is your family more sociable or more home-bodies?

The answers to these questions make a huge difference in where you choose to live. It may even determine if you find yourself living in Dallas proper or one of its suburbs like McKinney or Allen. No choice is really a right or wrong choice; when it comes to where your family wants to live, it's really just a preference. Taking these preferences into account when buying a house makes a world of difference when it comes to family happiness.

Questions About Your Lifestyle

Next up, consider the questions that are determined by your lifestyle. Think about your age, the activities you enjoy, and what part of town you enjoy being in. 

  • Is it important that your area have lots of things to go and do?
  • Do you have a budget you don't want to go over?
  • Do you like high foot traffic areas or quiet residential streets?
  • Is proximity to restaurants important to you?

These questions tackle the ideas of HOW you like to live your life. Be it your own answers or a group decision by the whole family, lifestyle choices are key in where you choose to settle down and buy a home.

Questions About Your Job

Finally, start to consider your job. There are some really important questions in this category:

  • What length of time are you willing to commute to work?
  • Do you work from home or at the office?
  • Do you carpool to your job?

Your job's distance from your home can make or break a happy life. If you're stuck in the car - during rush hour traffic - for two hours a day, that can significantly impact how you feel you get home at the end of the day. If your overall positivity matters to you, which it should!, consider a commute that you're happy with. 

Making the Choice on Where to Buy Your Home

Whatever you decide, make sure your choice on where you buy your home is the choice you can be satisfied with for years to come. A home is an investment, and so there should be no settling on your happiness when it comes to this big purchase. 

For a choice you can truly be elated with, enlist the help of Cindy Petty Realty. Our team understands families, lifestyles, and job needs! We know how to get you the perfect home that you'll love for decades. Call our team at (469) 360-9917.

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