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Our home buying experience is one that started over 2 years ago when my husband and I decided we were ready to purchase our first home we originally went house hunting and came in contact with a realtor through the seller who then introduced us to what we thought were lenders.  We found what we thought was the perfect house and were to the point of having our inspection done and then were told that we did not have a secured loan so we had to find a new realtor and lender.  My husband and I were so bummed out we decided to just find a home to rent. We found Cindy and she has been there with us through thick and thin even assisting us with finding a rent house and our purchase. In December of 2015, the tornado hit the home we were renting and we then began to see how quickly our lives can change.  Before we moved into our rent house we already had renters insurance while living in an apartment so we transferred it to the rent house.  The night the tornado hit we knew someone was in control of our destiny.  We contacted our insurance company that night and by the time we had gotten to our hotel they had a representative at our door with a pre-paid visa card loaded with enough to get us through a couple days in a hotel and necessities that were needed.  After a couple days in a hotel, we were contacted by our representative again who then refreshed our funds on our card and advised what we needed to do in order to get our claim filed.  The process with was so simple that before we closed out our claim, it was all I could do to send them a long letter letting them know how much we appreciated every who assisted us.  Little did we know that our lives would change forever and here we are a little over a year later in our home which we moved into June of 2016 and celebrating the holidays with friends and family. When I say that Cindy has been there with us through thick and thin, she was the one who eventually found us a great mortgage company and a great house.  She has become like family to us and we recommend her to everyone we know.

                                                                                                                                            Paul & Gwen A., Cedar Hill

After looking at countless open houses over a 5 month span, we were still looking for “the one”. By accident we came across a house owned by Brad and Cindy Petty. Upon walking in, we were immediately impressed by the house. It looked brand new and had a very homey feel to it. As we walked around and looked at it, we were able to see ourselves living here. We were equally impressed by Brad and Cindy. After just a few minutes of talking to them we felt at ease and talked to them for almost an hour about the house and everything they had done to it. Not wanting to appear too eager, we said our goodbyes and headed home. Cindy had us fill out a simple contact card while we were there to follow up with us. The next morning there was an email from Cindy thanking us for coming to visit and inquiring if we wanted a second showing. We eventually went back to look at the house two more times. We agreed it was the house we wanted to start our new lives in and made an offer for the house.
Cindy was great through the entire process, and wasn’t like most of the other agents we had encountered while looking for a home. Brad and Cindy both were very genuine and professional. Cindy was available to us whenever we needed her, and really made the process a breeze. She was right there when we closed and has followed up even after we moved in. Deborah and I both consider Cindy and Brad more than our Realtor and business partner, we consider them our friends and hope to get to know them even better in the years to come. Would we recommend them to anyone? Without a moment’s hesitation…they were awesome…

Dave and Deborah H., Carrollton

During the full extent of my dealings with Mrs. Cindy Petty, I received nothing less than the best of treatment. Her professionalism is unparallel to any other realtor that we encountered. Her diligence, perseverance and servant’s heart made my first time home-buying experience one to remember. Dealing with other realtors who have no desire to fulfill their minimum duties allowed me to fully appreciate the integrity of Cindy and truly inspired me to be more selfless and reaffirm my work ethic. In a world of chaos, Cindy Petty was such a blessing.

Matt N., Princeton

Cindy and I have been friends for a number of years. I saw her work ethic and market knowledge before needing her services on many occasions.
From the outset, Cindy took my somewhat challenging situation and simplified it. She was able to find a great short-term lease house for me to rent allowing us time to find the right place. This situation worked out perfectly, allowing me the flexibility to work around a seller’s timeframe at negotiations.
Once we began looking at places, Cindy was very helpful and knowledgeable with me walking me through the whole process. Cindy was very patient with me as my criteria adjusted over time. We viewed a number of houses and townhomes during a very active market cycle. Cindy made herself available to show a house when I needed.
I expected some things from Cindy having known her for so long, but the additional information she provided after the contract went well above what I expected. She introduced me to a great finance guy that provided me with an amazing offer. I shopped others around and this offer could not be beaten. Cindy also provided a list of inspectors and title companies that she has had good experience with in the past. I travel a lot with work and this assisted me tremendously. Both references I used from the list worked great for me.
From start to finish, Cindy was a great representative for me in finding my house. She is a true professional and working with her was such a pleasure. I have already referred her to another friend looking for a house and will continue to do so. If you want an advocate for you as a buyer through the entire process, then Cindy would be your choice. She will be mine when I move again. Thank you Cindy.

Terry and Riley, McKinney

We had the opportunity to meet Cindy Petty at an open house. She impressed us with her energetic personality and vast knowledge of all aspects of the real estate profession.
We were interested in selling our home; and asked for her advice in getting the best price possible. She was so helpful and accommodating. Even in a down market, she was able to find a buyer at a great price.
She also helped us find our perfect new home. There are so many points to consider when navigating the real estate market. It can be confusing as well as frustrating. She was always available for any questions or concerns; and walked us through both the buying and selling processes.
We have now been in our new home for two years; and wake up every morning happy to live there. This happiness is due in most part to Cindy. We give her 5 stars!

Jeff and Kym Z., Rowlett

My wife and I always dreamed of owning our own home. Due to my health problems and life in general, we had come to believe that we may never achieve “The American Dream”. We were wrong!
When we started the process, we had no clue about anything dealing with realtors, inspections, earnest money, option fees and closing costs. These were a foreign language to us. Cindy was able to alleviate our concerns and answer all our questions. She took our wish list and location requirements and by the end of the day, we had a list of houses in our chosen area to look at. She then worked with our lender to make sure we only looked at homes that would qualify under our program avoiding us having to fall in love with a home only to find out we couldn’t put an offer on it. Cindy was amazing after we found the house we wanted, working tirelessly with the seller’s agent to make our dream come true. She coordinated with our lender to get the whole process finished in 40 days. She showed up to support us EVERY step of the way from the inspection, to negotiating repairs with the seller, to the closing process. We knew we could count on Cindy to be there to answer questions or maybe just moral support.
Although I hope to never need to purchase again but if that need does arise, I would not hesitate to call on Cindy’s expertise again. I would recommend Cindy to anyone looking to purchase their first home, their fifth home or even just looking to lease for the time being. She provides the expertise, compassion and support EVERYONE can use during the stressful time of having to move.

Dodd & Maria B., Garland

In regards to our realtor Cindy Petty, we have been very happy with her services as a professional real estate agent. She helped us find our perfect home several years ago, and when our situation changed and needed to sell our home to move away from the area, there was no question as to who we would ask to list our house.
She did an exemplary job listing and advertising our home in which we were able to sell it at the list price that we had set out to accomplish. We are very pleased with the service that Cindy has provided in such a professional way. We would highly recommend Cindy as either a selling or listing agent for anyone who needs help in finding or selling their home.

Brad and Jan W., McKinney